Darrah Brustein

Darrah Brustein is a writer, master-networker, and serial entrepreneur with businesses in merchant services, networking, and financial education for kids.  

Stories by Darrah Brustein:

7 Tips for Introverts Looking to Make Connections at a Networking Event

Even if you’re shy, you can increase your chances of leaving an event with new connections by making yourself feel more comfortable.

How You Can Effectively Plan Ahead Before the New Year

Don’t wait until the end of December to plan your New Years goals — start now.

How to Master the Art of the Follow-Up

The most important aspect of networking actually happens after your first conversation.

Simple Ways to Master the Art of Networking

Don’t bother with your business card; networking success comes from building real relationships.

4 Ways to Prepare for a Networking Event

Networking is intimidating. But if you’re prepared for the evening it can also be productive and fun.

The 20 Hardest Things About Starting a Business

People are quick to share their success stories. But what don’t you know about the less-than-glamorous parts of entrepreneurship?

8 Common Networking Faux Pas to Avoid

Moment of truth: Are you the overzealous entrepreneur that everyone tries to avoid at networking events?

16 Simple Tips for Networking Smarter

Networking: everybody’s gotta do it, especially entrepreneurs, but we dread it anyway. Here are 16 quick, simple tips to help you become a master networker in no time.

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