Arash Asli

Arash Asli is a co-founder and CEO of, an online scheduling and marketing platform for appointment based businesses.

Stories by Arash Asli:

Transform Your Busy Schedule With These 4 Productivity Hacks

Create an efficient system to take control of your schedule — not the other way around.

Stand Out on Social Media: 9 Facebook Live Content Ideas for Businesses

If you haven’t started using Facebook’s livestreaming option yet, choose a couple of these approaches to get started.

In-App Messaging: How to Convert Trial Users to Paying Subscribers

From showing your value to providing incentive, there are plenty of ways in-app messaging can engage your customers.

How You Can Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

Content marketing and search engine optimization work hand in hand.

10 Simple Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers

Who said earning followers had to be difficult? Most times, it’s as easy as watching what you post.

5 Perceptive Questions to Ask Your Potential Hire During the Interview

Find the best candidate for the job by adding a human element to your process through these questions.

Your Quick Guide to Creating an Eye-Catching Infographic

Readers love infographics for their easily digestible content and attractive presentation. Here’s how to create your own.

The 8 Essentials of Every Great Marketing Strategy

Creating a great marketing strategy is like baking a pie — you don’t want to leave out the most important ingredients.

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