Lisa Nicole Bell

Lisa Nicole Bell is an award-winning producer and entrepreneur. She currently serves as the CEO of Inspired Life Media Group, a content development company that produces and distributes content for television and the web. 

Stories by Lisa Nicole Bell:

Starting a Business: 4 Things Female Founders Should Keep in Mind

For women, starting a business isn’t as straightforward as it is for men — for better or worse. Here are four things to think about.

4 Tips for Inspiring an Audience From a Professional Storyteller

Telling a truly great story is all about delivery and presentation.

4 Key Leadership Lessons From Top Female Executives

Business leaders and CEOs share their best advice for overcoming business’ gender power struggle.

5 Questions That Will Lead You to the Right Startup Advisor

Notoriety doesn’t make someone a perfect business advisor. Ask yourself these questions before you start pitching people.

How More Women Can Raise the Capital They Need to Scale

If women entrepreneurs want equal access to venture capital, they need to think bigger and pitch more.

10 Laws for Creating an Effective Personal Brand

Entrepreneur Lisa Nicole Bell shares 10 quick but timeless laws for crafting an effective and compelling personal brand.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Are you finding it difficult to focus on work at certain points in the day? Lisa Nicole Bell explains why — and a hack for overcoming productivity slumps.

The True Secret to Business Success

Hint: it’s not drive, it’s not hustle, and it’s not your business plan, either.

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