Doug Bend

Doug Bend is the founder of Bend Law Group, PC, a law firm focused on small businesses and startups, and a founder of AgentFound, a site that matches buyers and sellers with their ideal real estate agent.

Stories by Doug Bend:

5 Points to Weigh Before Converting Your Business Into a Corporation

Is an LLC really a good long-term solution for your startup?

Should You Incorporate Your Business as an LLC or a Corporation?

Before deciding what type of entity might be best for your business, consider these differences.

8 Tips For Entrepreneurs Buying a First Home

Running a business can be stressful enough. Follow these tips to make the home-buying process a simple one.

Considering a Benefit Corporation in Three Steps

If you want to give back to society while growing a business, becoming a benefit corporation might be your best option.

4 Things to Look Out For When Considering a Franchise

Buying into a franchise can be a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs — but only if you’re prepared for the potential pitfalls.

Buying or Selling a Business? 5 Ways to Get the Best Value

Learn both how to determine a fair asking price and how to spot a raw deal.

5 Steps to Invest in a Trademark

You can protect your business’ intellectual property with a trademark search and application.

Restricted Stock or Stock Options? 5 Factors to Consider

Most early-stage startups use equity to attract and keep talented workers. Here are five reasons why providing restricted stock is more effective than stock options.

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