Mona Patel

Founder and CEO of Motivate Design, a user experience design shop, and innovator of the Insider Insights method of customer investigation.

Stories by Mona Patel:

How Trying Something New Can Help You Succeed in Business and in Life

Set a goal for yourself and make time to accomplish this new challenge.

4 Tips for Building a Culture to Help Your Company Succeed

Create guidelines and a vision that employees want to embody.

4 Hacks for Becoming a More Empathetic Leader

Implement a “user experience” approach to better understand the wants and needs of your team.

Reframing the Way You Think About Job Hunting

Your dream job might not be a realistic option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create it.

How to Turn Problems Into Awesome Business Opportunities

The mind is like a muscle. You can train it into finding the most creative solutions for any tough problem.

How to Get Honest Insight Through Usability Testing

Usability testing on friends and family is a good start, but are they really going to give you an honest answer?

Hiring Replacements for Your Top Performers

When a top performer puts in his or her two-weeks notice, don’t fall in the trap of looking for a carbon copy replacement.

Tapping Into Our Creative Mindset by Pushing Past the “No”s

Pushing past the “no”s in our personal and professional lives can lead us to a more creative mindset that sparks innovation.

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