Peter Daisyme

Special adviser to Calendar, a technology solution that helps business owners and teams improve their time management and productivity.
Stories by Peter Daisyme:

How To Protect Your Business From Employee Theft

With employee theft on the rise, take these precautionary steps to keep your business and its finances safe.

8 Ways to Become a Better Leader Through Employee Feedback

The only way to really know how you’re doing as a business leader is to ask others on your team.

10 Game-Changing Business Strategies From a Serial Entrepreneur

Your business will be in good shape as long as you nail these key strategies.

10 Best Tips for Empowering Your Team on a Daily Basis

Make your company a place where people want to come to work.

4 Crucial Factors for Successful Self-Employment

You’ll have to build on these four skills if you’re after the freedom of self-employment.

4 Tips for Moving From Corporate to Entrepreneur

Making the jump from corporate to entrepreneur is a tough but worthwhile pursuit.

How Startups Have Disrupted the Hotel Industry

Need an example of startups making an impact? Just look at the hotel industry.

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