Marjorie Adams

Marjorie Adams is president/CEO of Fourlane, a firm that improves the efficiency of client accounting departments.

Stories by Marjorie Adams:

6 Reasons All Business Owners Should Register Trademarks

Debating whether you should trademark your business? Here are six reasons why you should take action.

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A successful marriage takes true dedication — especially when you work together.

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You can’t grow a business until you have a focused vision of where you want it to go.

5 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

The distractions of running a business can make it tough to stay focused — these simple habits should help.

Qualifying Leads as a Growth Strategy

Accepting every potential customer is a recipe for disaster, not a growth strategy.

3 Simple Ways to Build Great Customer Relationships

If you want your customers to rely on you, you must prove that you are trustworthy.

7 Keys to a Successful Product Demo

Marjorie Adams has sat through some really great product demos — and some that put her to sleep.

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