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Communication has never been easier or faster. But are you building relationships -- or just gumming up the works?

Networking -- online and off -- can grow your network, boost your personal and company brand and even bolster sales efforts. If the thought of one of those entrepreneur meetups or business mixers makes you cringe, chances are you just need to brush up on your skills -- and focus on events, chance encounters and even online networking opportunities that bring real, measurable value. Here's how.

Overcome Your Nerves: 5 Tips for Becoming More Comfortable Networking

For some entrepreneurs, networking can be an anxiety-inducing obligation. But the right mindset and some preparation can help overcome this.

8 Things You Should Never Say at a Networking Event

Networking events are opportune times to make business connections, so consider what you should and should not say when you are introduced to new people.

Networking Advice From Robby Berthume, CEO at Bull & Beard

Use your personality and natural strengths to your advantage when meeting new people.

Networking Advice From Joanna Schneier, CEO at Cognotion

Don’t be afraid to talk to people you meet about your passions. You never know what will come of it.