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Money is something all entrepreneurs think about -- especially how to make sure we have enough of it.

While money doesn’t define success, it’s often the reason startups fail. From managing cash flow to making payroll, the way you handle your startup’s cash is critical to your company’s growth. #StartupLab’s mentors have been there, done that -- and they reveal their best tips for financing your startup (from VCs to angels to incubators, banks and SBA loans), cutting costs, pricing your product right, balancing your budget, paying taxes and even finding talented accountants and CFOs once you’re ready to start focusing on the bigger picture.

5 Investment Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Entrepreneurs can run businesses, but can they manage their personal assets? Five classic investing mistakes, explained.

Why Bootstrapping Might Be the Smartest Choice You Make

Bootstrapping your startup might be the smartest move you make. You’ll be able to retain control, iterate faster and build better products.

5 Tips for Growing Your Business at the Right Pace

Lots of startups fall into the bigger-is-better trap. But scaling your business too quickly can endanger your bottom line.

10 Ways to Help Your Business-Minded Kids Find Funding

When your child has an idea for a startup, you want to be as supportive as possible. But what is the best way to help her get funding for her big idea? Ten entrepreneurs offer some “parental guidance.”

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