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Money is something all entrepreneurs think about -- especially how to make sure we have enough of it.

While money doesn’t define success, it’s often the reason startups fail. From managing cash flow to making payroll, the way you handle your startup’s cash is critical to your company’s growth. #StartupLab’s mentors have been there, done that -- and they reveal their best tips for financing your startup (from VCs to angels to incubators, banks and SBA loans), cutting costs, pricing your product right, balancing your budget, paying taxes and even finding talented accountants and CFOs once you’re ready to start focusing on the bigger picture.

11 Tips for Women Pitching Investors for the First Time

Female founders raising capital should do their homework, know their product/service and most of all, know their options inside and out long before pitching investors — and 10 other tips.

5 Things to Do After You Raise Startup Capital

Everyone talks about how to raise money, but few entrepreneurs discuss what to do with it after you already have it. Sunil Rajaraman, CEO of, offers 5 seasoned tips.

11 Ideas for Financing Your New Company

There’s more than one way to finance your new company, from keeping your day job to using consultancy sales to fuel a product build.

10 Ways Subscription Services Can Increase Your Sales

If you have a product or products — or are thinking about developing some — membership or subscription-based pricing models can potentially skyrocket sales. Here’s how.

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