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After starting up, there’s only one thing to do: figure out how to run your business (instead of letting IT run you).

Running a business is a lot more complicated than it looks. From navigating legal issues (like vendor contracts and trademarks) to finding inexpensive office space and managing double-digit startup growth, even serial entrepreneurs find running a business day-to-day challenging. But you can become a master of operations with a little help from other entrepreneurs who are in the trenches with you, right now.

13 Ways to Fulfill Customer Orders Faster (and Smarter)

Fulfillment is easily one of the most important parts of an e-commerce business (or really, any business shipping to customers). Unfortunately, it’s also the easiest to screw up.

How to Make a Strong First Impression in Your Next Meeting

Especially as a woman in business, your style is a signal that you can be trusted to behave and stay focused — make sure what you wear reflects that.

Love to Travel? 7 Startup Jobs for You

If you love startups and you love travel, there is definitely a job out there for you — if you know where to look.

Is Your Business “Partnership” as Solid as You Think?

Co-founders and “partners” beware: without a formal agreement, you may not have the same rights to your company’s future that you think you do.

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