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So, you think you have the next big idea?

So does everyone else. The question is, what sets yours apart -- and what problems does it really solve? Learn how to weed out the bad ideas from the good, test your business concept until you get it (mostly) right, launch your minimum viable product (MVP), solicit potential customer feedback AND analyze your market -- and your competition -- before you even start brainstorming business names.

How to Build a Business for Your Life

Alexis Levine shares advice about how to build a lifestyle business that makes sense — and money.

The True Secret to Business Success

Hint: it’s not drive, it’s not hustle, and it’s not your business plan, either.

4 Reasons Choosing Startup Life Over College Is Totally Worth It

Feel like the business world is calling your name? Alex Schiff did. He dropped out of college to pursue his startup. And while it wasn’t easy, it’s been a worthy detour.

How to Choose Your Own Venture

How do you evaluate a business idea and determine if it’s really the right one for your skills and strengths?