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Nothing is more exciting -- or terrifying -- than starting a new business.

You have an idea you love and believe in. Maybe you have a name, or a couple of names, you’re thinking about. You might even have a simple one-page (or even one-paragraph!) business plan to guide you. And you’re ready to dive in and get started. But you need help: from getting your potential customers to test your business model to finding your ideal mentor, starting up successfully is no easy task. Our mentors describe what it's really like -- and what they wish they'd known before they did it.

12 Things That Make a Startup Truly Innovative

Continue to develop your company into the best possible version of itself it can be.

Meet Saurabh Lahoti, Partner of Alacrity India

Forming alliances and partnership at the very beginning of your startup phase is key to success.

5 Ways to Successfully Make Your Startup Stand Out

Start with a clear message and go from there.

Using the Power of Video to Convey Your Brand Message

Use video to turn loyal customers into salespeople.

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