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Human resources (HR) might just be the most underrated job in your company.

That is, if you even have an HR person on staff. But even solopreneurs and freelancers will someday need to hire, fire and lead PEOPLE -- three of the toughest business activities we can think of. Great hires can make or break your company, and bad management can turn brilliant hires into underperforming drones. Sounds like a catch-22, right? But you can do better with practice (and advice).

Below, BusinessCollective authors share their most candid and practical management secrets, from must-ask interview questions to what it’s really like to give a bad performance review.

How to Incorporate Empathy Into Your Management Style

As a manager, you not only play a role in your team members’ productivity and output, but also in their happiness at work.

5 Unusual and Successful Strategies for Training New Hires

Don’t just assume they will come in knowing the ins and outs of your business.

14 Ways to Impress During a Group Interview

Express your passions to come across as genuine during a group interview session.

The Fundamentals of Building a Tight-Knit Remote Team

What does teambuilding really look like when everyone is working in different parts of the world?

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