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Human resources (HR) might just be the most underrated job in your company.

That is, if you even have an HR person on staff. But even solopreneurs and freelancers will someday need to hire, fire and lead PEOPLE -- three of the toughest business activities we can think of. Great hires can make or break your company, and bad management can turn brilliant hires into underperforming drones. Sounds like a catch-22, right? But you can do better with practice (and advice).

Below, BusinessCollective authors share their most candid and practical management secrets, from must-ask interview questions to what it’s really like to give a bad performance review.

Your Employees Are Not Like You

So stop treating them like they are. The better you understand your employees, the more effectively you will be able to run your business.

A Better Way to Support and Train Your Employees

If employee performance is subpar, don’t automatically assume costly, off-site training sessions are the best remedy.

How to Hire a Programmer if You Don’t Have a Programming Background

Want to hire a rockstar programmer but don’t know the first thing about coding? Follow this advice.

3 Best Practices for Startup Hiring

Your first hires are your most important hires. Make sure you find the right people for the job.

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