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Money is something all entrepreneurs think about -- especially how to make sure we have enough of it.

While money doesn’t define success, it’s often the reason startups fail. From managing cash flow to making payroll, the way you handle your startup’s cash is critical to your company’s growth. #StartupLab’s mentors have been there, done that -- and they reveal their best tips for financing your startup (from VCs to angels to incubators, banks and SBA loans), cutting costs, pricing your product right, balancing your budget, paying taxes and even finding talented accountants and CFOs once you’re ready to start focusing on the bigger picture.

11 Tools to Simplify Your Business Accounting

Successful founders share their favorite tools for tracking finances, from mobile apps like Square to good old Excel.

Starting Up? 6 Questions to Tackle First

Starting a new business is a lot of fun — but it’s the boring issues that can trip you up. Before day one, make sure you’ve got these 6 questions covered.

5 Easy Tips to Simplify Your Business Accounting

No business owner looks forward to bookkeeping, but accounting gets even more complicated if you fall behind. Kirk Simpson offers 5 simple ways to stay on top of your company finances.

10 Ways to Deal When Your Competitors Lower Their Prices

Hint: Lowering your prices is not the answer. Ten young entrepreneurs share 10 different strategies for dealing with a competitor’s price drop in any industry.

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