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Nothing is more exciting -- or terrifying -- than starting a new business.

You have an idea you love and believe in. Maybe you have a name, or a couple of names, you’re thinking about. You might even have a simple one-page (or even one-paragraph!) business plan to guide you. And you’re ready to dive in and get started. But you need help: from getting your potential customers to test your business model to finding your ideal mentor, starting up successfully is no easy task. Our mentors describe what it's really like -- and what they wish they'd known before they did it.

7 Simple Ways to Get Serious Feedback in the Initial Stages of Your Business

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7 Signs You’re About to Enter a Bad Business Deal

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Networking Advice From Carrie Rich, CEO and Co-Founder of The Global Good Fund

With most people networking the same way, here’s how you can successfully stand out.

Why Companies Are Being Asked How Soon They Can Turn a Profit

Investors are increasingly asking, “How soon can you become profitable?” in order to stay in their comfort zones.

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