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Nothing is more exciting -- or terrifying -- than starting a new business.

You have an idea you love and believe in. Maybe you have a name, or a couple of names, you’re thinking about. You might even have a simple one-page (or even one-paragraph!) business plan to guide you. And you’re ready to dive in and get started. But you need help: from getting your potential customers to test your business model to finding your ideal mentor, starting up successfully is no easy task. Our mentors describe what it's really like -- and what they wish they'd known before they did it.

Meet Andrew Herr, Principal and Founder of Retikal

Make sure you’re confident in who you are whether your business succeeds or fails; this will enable you to take risks.

Building Community With Zohar Steinberg, Founder and CEO of token

Like any product, your community needs to be flexible to change.

Meet Mark Budgell, Co-Founder of Sparkcell Digital

“Always prepare for rainy days. When you’re done doing that, prepare for a natural disaster.”

Building a Million Dollar Online Business From Scratch

All businesses run into challenges. But if you love what you do, you’ll be able to overcome those obstacles.

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