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Technology makes it easier, cheaper and faster to start a business than ever before.

It also makes it possible to measure your success on an incremental level, from page views to social advertising ROI. Investing upfront in the startup technology you need -- from smartphones and computers to cloud file storage, software and apps -- can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. And finding great tech talent (outsourced or in-house) is key to ensuring your e-commerce or business website is bulletproof. Here's how.

How to Hire and Manage a Remote Startup Team

Is your team ready to leave the office and go virtual? If you get the logistics right, remote work can actually make your business more productive.

12 Top Apps for Business Travel

Twelve entrepreneurs share their favorite apps to make summer travel efficient and business-friendly.

Is Your Website Designed With Your Customers in Mind?

Customers view websites differently than the companies that design them. Flashy ads, pop-up banners and other tactics designed to generate leads can actually end up driving them away. Are you making that mistake, too?

Save Your Startup Some Cash With These Office Alternatives

If you’re on a budget, a public library — or a rented desk — will save you money (and maybe introduce you to some new clients).

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