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Technology makes it easier, cheaper and faster to start a business than ever before.

It also makes it possible to measure your success on an incremental level, from page views to social advertising ROI. Investing upfront in the startup technology you need -- from smartphones and computers to cloud file storage, software and apps -- can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. And finding great tech talent (outsourced or in-house) is key to ensuring your e-commerce or business website is bulletproof. Here's how.

12 Strategies to Keep Virtual Employees On Task

Managing virtual employees has gotten a lot easier thanks to some nifty cloud-based project management tools, but entrepreneurs still have to keep tabs on remote team members.

Which Tech Duties Can I Outsource? 15 Entrepreneurs Weigh In

For bootstrapping entrepreneurs, it’s tempting to outsource as much work as possible — especially technical jobs, like web development, than can add up quickly. But should any of that work stay in house?

13 Tips for Getting More Insight From Your Web Analytics

For startups and e-commerce sites, web analytics can reveal a LOT about what’s working (and what isn’t) on your website. But first you need to comb through the data to identify trends.

8 Tools That Make Tracking Customer and Web Data Easier

From real-time social mentions to click-throughs to cold calls, your business has a lot of interactions with potential customers. But are you measuring all this data in one intuitive place?

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