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Technology makes it easier, cheaper and faster to start a business than ever before.

It also makes it possible to measure your success on an incremental level, from page views to social advertising ROI. Investing upfront in the startup technology you need -- from smartphones and computers to cloud file storage, software and apps -- can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. And finding great tech talent (outsourced or in-house) is key to ensuring your e-commerce or business website is bulletproof. Here's how.

From 0 to 100 Million Users: How a Simple Video Can Change Your Business

Dropbox went from 0 to 100 million users in just five years — largely thanks to a simple, 120-second video explaining its services. Andrew Angus outlines their approach (and what we can learn from them).

3 Key Lessons for Tech Founders

Neil Thanedar, founder of LabDoor, encourages tech startup founders to do more than just create the next mobile app if they want to succeed.

7 Steps to a Headache-Free Website Makeover

Relaunching, redesigning or just rebooting your whole business website? It doesn’t have to be the expensive headache you’re imagining. (Promise!)

5 Reasons Your Website Should Use Responsive Web Design

Though responsive web design (RWD) is primarily a technical technique, the impact on your startup’s web strategy cannot be underestimated. Mike Hostetler shares 5 reasons why.

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