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Do you really need a business plan to start up?

A little planning -- whether you put together a formal document, a one-page sketch or a simple paragraph -- can boost your confidence and create a roadmap for business success. Just remember: the best business plans change over time, so include Plan B's in your Plan A, and always stay open to opportunity.

4 Realities of Launching a Startup You Need to Know

If you’re starting a business to get rich quickly, know that turning a profit can take years.

When Making Early Hires at Your Startup, Lean On Your Networks

The first hires you make will be some of the most important ones.

How to Successfully Go About Acquiring Another Startup

Think about what company would best fit your needs at the time and in the future.

5 Proven Paths to Sustained Success

Set benchmarks for success by completing projects, being accountable and repeating successful behavior.

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