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Do you really need a business plan to start up?

A little planning -- whether you put together a formal document, a one-page sketch or a simple paragraph -- can boost your confidence and create a roadmap for business success. Just remember: the best business plans change over time, so include Plan B's in your Plan A, and always stay open to opportunity.

11 Management Tips From Young Entrepreneurs for Older Executives

As times change, so do management practices.

9 Things New Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Worrying About

Don’t get hung up on useless metrics, cool office furniture or worst of all, perfection.

10 Things to Consider Before Investing in a New Project or Business Idea

Following through on the wrong projects or business ideas can be a huge waste of time and money.

YEC Member Spotlight: Anthony C. Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO, American Injury Attorney Group

Have the confidence to create something awesome and you will succeed.

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