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Do you really need a business plan to start up?

A little planning -- whether you put together a formal document, a one-page sketch or a simple paragraph -- can boost your confidence and create a roadmap for business success. Just remember: the best business plans change over time, so include Plan B's in your Plan A, and always stay open to opportunity.

10 Business Lessons From the School of Hard Knocks

Every successful entrepreneur has faced failure on his road to success; the key is to bounce back and learn from those mistakes.

10 Practical Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Honest is the best policy, expect the unexpected and more practical wisdom for starting your own business.

7 Essential Traits You’ll Need to Become Your Own Boss

When Nicole Smartt decided to ditch her 9-to-5 to become an entrepreneur, it was a risky (but rewarding) proposition — and these character traits saw her through the challenges.

Is Your Startup Fit for an Incubator?

What’s in an incubator? A lot, it turns out, especially for early-stage startups looking for a big boost in networking and mentorship.

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