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Your brand is the heart and soul of your business -- if you do it well, it's often the reason a customer buys from YOU (and not that other guy).

Steve Jobs did it with Apple. Richard Branson did it with Virgin. A powerful CEO brand, coupled with a trusted company brand name, makes even the scrappiest startup unstoppable. Complement your brand with a public relations strategy for even more potent results.

What Will the 2013 Digital Landscape Look Like? (Infographic)

From a meteoric rise in mobile social media users to an increased focus on great design, LoveSocial’s infographic gives brands and startups a sneak peek at what’s ahead in 2013.

10 Ways Startups Can Use Video to Effectively Drive Sales

Ten startup owners weigh in on how they use video as part of their marketing campaigns, both to increase sales and inspire more customer interaction.

How to Make Your Next Project Go Viral — 5 Steps

If your new business or campaign idea is timely, then the real key to making it go viral is to execute — fast and flawlessly.

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