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Great leadership boils down to managing one key startup asset: your people.

You can’t expect to hire engaged startup employees off the bat -- your job is to manage them so they’re inspired to work harder, stay loyal and meet company goals. But hiring, firing and managing take practice; few of us are born managers. Plus, every decision you make (good or bad) helps set the tone for your company culture. That's a lot of responsibility. Are you up to the task?

Want to Build a World-Class Workforce? Here’s How to Attract Top Talent

It’s inevitable that you’ll lose talent to big-name companies like Google. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compete every step of the way.

Meet Kevin Tao, Chief Digital Officer at NeuEve

When it comes to launching your business, go with your gut feeling rather than what the outside world is telling you.

This Isn’t Personal: How to Diplomatically Fire Your Best Friend

Every entrepreneur’s worst fear is having to fire their best friend when it just isn’t working out. These tips will make it a little easier.

Meet Kris Ruby, President of Ruby Media Group

“Be transparent from the beginning, even if that means losing potential business.”

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