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Your brand is the heart and soul of your business -- if you do it well, it's often the reason a customer buys from YOU (and not that other guy).

Steve Jobs did it with Apple. Richard Branson did it with Virgin. A powerful CEO brand, coupled with a trusted company brand name, makes even the scrappiest startup unstoppable. Complement your brand with a public relations strategy for even more potent results.

9 Tips for Finding a Graphic Designer Who Understands Your Brand

Before you hire a designer, put them to the test.

5 Things Every Business Can Learn From the Whiskey Industry

Haven’t you ever noticed how great whiskey companies are at branding? It’s no mistake.

5 Smart Ways to Leverage Certain Media Coverage

The first step is getting your brand name out there. But what matters most is making use of those mentions.

How to Increase Traffic and Gain Trust With Expert Roundups

Build your brand by compiling expert roundup posts that provide as much value as possible to your target audience.

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