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Great leadership boils down to managing one key startup asset: your people.

You can’t expect to hire engaged startup employees off the bat -- your job is to manage them so they’re inspired to work harder, stay loyal and meet company goals. But hiring, firing and managing take practice; few of us are born managers. Plus, every decision you make (good or bad) helps set the tone for your company culture. That's a lot of responsibility. Are you up to the task?

3 Realistic Ways to Achieve the Goals You Set for Yourself

Goal setting won’t do you much good if you don’t have a specific plan of attack.

Leading Through Influence: How to Be an Effective Project Manager

Transparency and empathy go a long way, especially in inter-departmental communication.

4 Valuable Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Their Employees

Employees should be allowed – and even encouraged – to let their bosses know when they disagree with an opinion.

4 Tips for Building a Culture to Help Your Company Succeed

Create guidelines and a vision that employees want to embody.

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